Budget 2024: Tax Relief and Reform Achievements

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made a pivotal announcement during the interim budget presentation on Thursday. She declared that the government would not pursue repayment of previous and contested direct taxes, amounting to Rs 25,000 or less, until the conclusion of the financial year 2009-10. Moreover, direct taxes demand of up to Rs 10,000 from the financial years 2010-11 to 2014-15 will also be withdrawn. This move is poised to benefit approximately one crore taxpayers, marking a significant relief for small taxpayers across the nation.

Stable Tax Rates and Increased Taxpayer Base

FM Sitharaman emphasized that there would be no alterations in tax rates for both direct and indirect taxes, which include import duties. This decision aims to maintain stability and predictability in the tax regime, providing businesses and individuals with a conducive environment for financial planning and investment.

Furthermore, Sitharaman proudly stated that the number of tax filers has surged by 2.4 times since 2014, indicating a substantial expansion in the taxpayer base. Additionally, direct tax collection has tripled over the same period, showcasing the effectiveness of tax reforms and compliance initiatives undertaken by the government.

Streamlined Tax Processes and Faster Refunds

In her address, Sitharaman highlighted the remarkable improvements in tax administration. The processing time for tax returns has been drastically reduced from 93 days in FY14 to a mere 10 days, signifying greater efficiency and responsiveness in handling taxpayer filings. Moreover, refunds are now being disbursed at a faster pace, providing taxpayers with timely relief and enhancing trust in the tax system.


The announcements made by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in the interim budget 2024 underscore the government’s commitment to easing the tax burden on small taxpayers while ensuring fairness and efficiency in tax administration. The decision to waive off previous and contested taxes, coupled with stable tax rates and improved tax processes, is poised to stimulate economic growth and foster a conducive environment for investment and entrepreneurship.

Summary of Key Announcements
Announcement Impact
Waiver of previous and contested direct taxes up to Rs 25,000 Benefit to approximately one crore taxpayers
Withdrawal of direct taxes demand up to Rs 10,000 from FY 2010-11 to 2014-15 Relief for small taxpayers
No changes in tax rates for direct and indirect taxes Stability in the tax regime
Expansion of taxpayer base by 2.4 times since 2014 Increased tax compliance
Tripling of direct tax collection since 2014 Enhanced revenue for the government
Reduction of tax return processing time from 93 days (FY14) to 10 days Improved efficiency in tax administration
Accelerated refund disbursement Timely relief for taxpayers

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